The Importance of Open Pollinated Seeds

Non-Hybrid or Open-Pollinated seeds allow the gardener to collect seeds
from a crop for future planting.

Nutritional Integrity
Many vegetables today lack nutrition from over-hybridization. Recent tests are showing that many of the vegetables, grains and other produce you buy, INCLUDING ORGANIC PRODUCE, are nutrient-deficient. If you want to truly be in charge of your nutritional intake, you must home garden. If you want the higher nutrition of original varieties you must use non-hybrids.

Economic security and independence
Growing your own food, now, is becoming an economic necessity for many. Even those in cities are growing food on their balconies and rooftops and in suburban backyards. 2009 will likely become known as the year America returns to home gardening (see Victory Gardens of WWII) as a way of defending against the hostile adversary of an economic downturn!

Security of Food Supply
Securing the nation’s food supply against the “invasion” of GM (genetically modified) and over-hybridization of foods is coming down to the backyard garden. Yours and ours.

World Food Supply

Put simply, the future of the world's food supply rests in non-hybrid seeds. The push toward hybridization and GM foods is becoming irreversible. Hybrid food sources are patented and "owned" by the patent-holders. It is, in fact, a form of patent-infringement to attempt to collect and plant seeds from many hybrid varieties.

With the advancement of genetically modified plant varieties, the danger of cross-pollination with organic and non-hybrid varieties is not only possible, it is happening as you read this. If it is possible for GM vegetables, grains and legumes to cross-pollinate with organic and non-hybrid varieties, then it’s possible for the food system to be altered uncontrollably and irreversibly.

Heirloom Organics Non-Hybrid Seeds Packs

Heirloom Organics Non-Hybrid Seed Packs are the sustainable gardening choice of home, homestead and professional gardeners throughout North America. Whether you are in the city, suburbs or country, Heirloom Organics Seed Packs are designed with your specific space, light and nutritional needs in mind. The Seed Vault is for emergency backup and 2-person use. The Family Pack is for larger family yards and seed storage. The Homestead and Farm Packs are for large properties, groups and investment-grade seed purchase. For an overview of Heirloom Organics Non-Hybrid Seed packs, see our seed pack comparison chart. If you are shopping seed suppliers, or are new to the subject on Non-Hybrid Seeds, read our report: 7 Things You Should Know When Buying Non-Hybrid Seeds.

 Long-Term Storage of Seeds
The long-term storage of non-hybrid and organic seed varieties is not only a logical alternative to keeping the food chain free from control, it is becoming a geo-strategic imperative for counter-balancing the move toward globalization of the world's food supply.

 Long Term Storage Processing and Packaging
Preparing and packaging seeds for long-term storage is a vital step to ensuring the healthiest seeds with high germination rates for the most successful yields over time. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has developed methods for long term seed storage at their National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation in Fort Collins Colorado.

 All of our seed sets are processed and packaged in strict compliance with the USDA standards and practices for long term storage of seeds. Each set includes individually packaged varieties that are sorted, processed and then sealed together in an extra durable .10 mil plastic outer package, then housed in an outer box along with growing instructions and seed resources for all varieties.

Each Seed set is designed for optimum yield in all zones in the United States and most zones in North America. Please read the variety lists for each seed set to ensure that you are purchasing seeds that are suitable to your climate.

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